Useful Tips for Reversing Periodontitis

 Gum inflammation and gingivitis are conditions affecting most people today although the repercussions you will experience will be dependent on the steps you are taking to control it.  Periodontitis is a condition affecting with at least a tooth and can have serious health consequences which include teeth loss although it will depend on how severe your condition is. The good news to anyone struggling with such a condition is that there is hope regardless of how severe the condition is.  Below are some useful tips that can help you combat periodontal diseases. See more details on this topic from this site: 

 When you hear the term periodontal diseases, you are talking about two the first one being gingivitis, which is the cause of gum inflammation but unlike the other one, it is non-destructive and should be treated as early as possible.  The reason why it is usually advised that gingivitis is treated as early as possible is because of its potential to turn into periodontitis, a gum disease that you shouldn’t wish to have. When you have reached the point of periodontitis, you have see a professional as soon as possible otherwise you risk losing your teeth among other serious consequences. 

 Periodontitis is a gum disease caused by gingivitis that goes untreated for a long time, so if you want to reverse periodontitis, the first step is controlling gingivitis which is what creates it.  Apart from people with serious gingivitis infections or severe cases, two weeks are enough for to realize positive results and develop a conviction that you are doing the right thing.  In as much as visiting this dentist will be integral to your efforts of having healthy gums again, the role played by oral hygiene cannot be overlooked; regular brushing and flossing of your teeth will go a long way in helping you achieve the results you want. 

When you visit a dentist with a problem of gum disease, you will be subjected to different treatment methods but in case your doctor feels you are not responding positively, he or she can prescribe antibiotics to help you fight it.  Surgical treatment is a method that has been used to treat periodontitis in patients where it has reached either moderate or severe level and can be accompanied by antibiotics too.  

 Restoring your jaw and gums with laser dentistry is non-invasive and less expensive compared to surgery compared to surgical treatment.  Post-surgery recovery period is usually the most challenging to patients but if you choose laser dentistry as a way of fighting periodontitis, such a thing will not be your concern.  This is how to reverse periodontitis.

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